Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why We Can't Do The Wrong Thing Right

"So it’s better to do the right thing wrong than the wrong thing right. Almost every school problem that confronts us today is a consequence of trying to do the wrong things right. So instead of looking at the efficiency with which we are pursuing our objectives we need to re-examine our objectives.”

This is the theme that resonates with me most from our keynote speaker this morning in Dobbs Ferry. Will Richardson challenged us to think deeply and critically about our beliefs, context, and practices.  You can follow our Twitter feed at #DFHS2017 to see what teachers were thinking and saying during the morning session.

We were pushed to think about student agency and our core beliefs about how kids learn. About how we learn. The age of limitless learning is a huge challenge for schools. How do we understand the critical nature of digital footprints? Our own and our kids? Are we creating a maker culture instead of maker spaces?

It is breathtaking to think of the difference we can make when we choose to be bold and courageous in our schools.

Let’s do it!

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